Idealestate makes connecting with new partners and clients a dream

Our Values

We believe that buying or selling a home is one of the most important events that happens in life. We created IdealEstate to bring together and empower the many talented professionals that make the dream of owning home a reality.

Our commitment

At IdealEstate we recognize the incredible value and expertise that agents and other real estate professionals bring to the table, and so we are committed to a set of principals and ideas designed to support your career and protect your opportunities.

Why Idealestate ?

  • Your listings and your profile belong to you. We will never allow other professionals to advertise on your listings or your profile unless you decide to personally recommend them
  • We are committed to empowering your career, and so we will never create features that attempt to replace or minimize the value you provide your clients
  • We will always provide a free account with robust features to help those who are just getting started in their real estate career
  • Real Estate is all about relationships, and IdealEstate is the first network dedicated to helping all real estate professionals benefit from relationships with partners and clients

In the news

"What I like about IdealEstate is that it champions agents and makes searching for a home online fun, as opposed to a chore. It’s very non-aggressive and welcoming —buyers won’t feel like they’re trying to find a home. When you see your IdealEstate invitation, accept it. Try something different for yourself and your clients."

-Craig Rowe InMan Technology Review


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