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IdealEstate is the first network designed specifically to help ALL real estate professionals promote their professional services and connect with new business opportunities.

IdealEstate grows your business by helping you build a larger, more engaged referral network of potential clients and professional partners.


Real Estate is all about networking

IdealEstate helps you connect with new partners and clients by unlocking the power of your network.

IdealEstate helps you connect with new partners and clients


stop chasing leads-start getting referrals

Every connection you make on IdealEstate will help introduce you to new business opportunities.


create and share home boards with your clients

IdealEstate makes sharing fun and more interesting. Personalize any board to fit the needs of your clients. Once a board is shared simply add homes to the board to update your client.

Recommend your Professional partners

Give good recommendations to your professional partners to receive a recommendation in return. The more recommendations you receive on IdealEstate the more business opportunities you will create.


Share your expertise

Increase your visibility by saving homes and giving pricing feedback to listing agents. Your honest feedback will help agents sell more homes and will help you generate more business.


Amazing Analytics

Get introduced to new business in style. Your IdealEstate dashboard shows you information you won't find anywhere else, including common connections for every potential business opportunity.

"What I like about IdealEstate is that it champions agents and makes searching for a home online fun, as opposed to a chore. It’s very non-aggressive and welcoming —buyers won’t feel like they’re trying to find a home. When you see your IdealEstate invitation, accept it. Try something different for yourself and your clients."

-Craig Rowe InMan Technology Review


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