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Preferred Features Include:

Unlimited messaging to help you contact all of your passive prospects

Unlimited connection requests to help you grow your business network

Accelerated promotion of your profile, listings and professional services

Enhanced search options to help you access over 750k real estate professionals

Access to a nationwide MLS to help you share and collaborate with clients

Free inquiry form for all of your active listings

Preferred profile identifier to help you stand out in search results

Reporting dashboard to help you manage all of your business activity

Automated responses to help you save time contacting prospective clients

Enhanced alerts to update your network with new business activity

See what our users are saying about IdealEstate

Craig Rowe

Inman Technology Review

"What I like about IdealEstate is that it champions agents and makes searching for a home online fun, as opposed to a chore. It’s very non-aggressive and welcoming —buyers won’t feel like they’re trying to find a home. When you see your IdealEstate invitation, accept it. Try something different for yourself and your clients."

Dustin Brohm

Host of Massive Agent Podcast

"IdealEstate is a tool that every real estate professional should be using. Networking and collaborating with other agents is literally the key to success in this business. I’ve never seen another platform that facilitates agent to agent networking as well as IdealEstate. The visually appealing boards are a GREAT way to organize and share homes with other agents, partners, or clients. Regardless where the home is located, you can put them all together in one board. No MLS membership required :)"

Dr. Hank Seitz

Real Estate Agent

"IdealEstate is the first and largest online referral network in America that helps me connect with the best real estate business partners for my business! They provide a friendly environment for us agents to connect, share our listings and provide the best services for my clients! I would recommend IdealEstate for real estate professionals who want to build their image and business!"

Rebecca White

Real Estate Agent

"The Values of IdealEstate are exactly in line with my own in regards to ANY real estate transaction. Some say buying a home is the 3rd most important decision we make in our lifetimes. That’s why I ALWAYS say it is a necessity to have a reliable tool to market yourself, engage with fellow agents, and promote your listings on a user friendly platform. IdealEstate offers all of that and more!! I would recommend IdealEstate to ANY agent."

Frequently Asked Questions

No! IdealEstate helps over 40 different types of real estate professionals promote their services, connect with new opportunities and generate more referrals. If you work in the real estate industry your IdealEstate Preferred profile will help you grow your business and save you money.
No! Zillow exploits your listings and charges a fortune for you to buy leads who have already been sold to your competitors. IdealEstate was created to help agents and all other real estate professionals promote their services and grow their business. We do not sell your prospects to your competitors and agents can feel safe using IdealEstate to collaborate with clients and professional partners.
Absolutely! Many lead generation companies have convinced many in the industry that other agents are the enemy when in fact they should be one of your best resources to connect with new opportunities. IdealEstate is the first platform where you can safely connect with other agents nationwide to collaborate and share referrals.
Yes! As a Preferred professional we will help promote all of your services across the IdealEstate Network. You can create a service for anything you do and we will help promote it for you.
No! Our goal at IdealEstate is to help you save time and money as you grow your business. We offer two pricing options. You can pay month to month and use our services as needed or you can pay annually and save.
Absolutely! IdealEstate provides a nationwide MLS and the best home sharing features on the market. If you have a client moving to a new location or if you are interested in attracting new clients to your area then your IdealEstate profile can help you shop for homes to meet the needs of any client.


In the real estate industry the best opportunities don't come from leads,
they come from referrals. That's why we created IdealEstate.

Increase Your Visibility

Your Preferred Identifier will ensure that you stand out in the crowd, and attract more valuable prospects to your business. IdealEstate Preferred professionals show up more often in search results for their industry and location

Get Connected

As a Preferred Professional you will be able to connect with an unlimited number of prospects. Making new connections on IdealEstate will help you grow your network and drive more referrals to your business.

Break the Ice with Unlimited Messaging

Introduce yourself to an unlimited number of new clients, referrals or professional partners by sending a personalized message. The more conversations you start the more opportunities you will create.

Get Insight into your Network

Preferred professionals have the ability to see the general dashboard information of other users. This gives Preferred professionals the ability to connect to the right partners for their business.

Promote all of your Services

IdealEstate allows all real estate professionals to post their services on their IdealEstate profile. As a Preferred professional you will have the ability to send unlimited messages and attract more prospects to your business.

Access a Nationwide MLS

IdealEstate gives you access to a nationwide MLS and our sharing features make it easier than ever for you to create and share a beautiful collection of homes to meet the needs of any client. As a Preferred professional this is a powerful feature to help you connect with more referrals.

Why IdealEstate

We created IdealEstate to give All real estate professionals an alternative to expensive and inefficient lead generation platforms. At IdealEstate we don’t sell leads. We help you build powerful relationships that generate more referrals from your clients and professional partners. As an IdealEstate Preferred professional we will help you promote your services and connect you with the referrals you need to grow your business and build better relationships