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IdealEstate Randy Byrd
A successful agent attraction strategy is all about building relationships. Before IldealEstate.. I Was paying a fortune to access the information I needed to make smart recruiting decisions. Now I have a Way to get to know agents and for them to get to know me. In just a month I have increased my response rate by 50%+
IdealEstate Rich Tomasini
Brody, founder of Idealestate is as rock-solid as the network and systems that have benefited so many agents. Building relationships across the country, networking, and referring business is a massive part of my success and Brody made that process fluid, fun, and effective
IdealEstate Emma Payne
IdealEstate's agent attraction solution is revolutionary. Just three days after signing up, I sponsored a great agent and have been having great results ever since. I recommend IdealEstate to any agent that wants an easier way to grow their team
IdealEstate Kam Pate
"I have been an IdealEstate member for just over a year. Within that year I have connected not with hundreds but thousands of agents across the nation. Great tool to do referrals in other states. My referral commission check's that I personally have received, pays for annual fee and more. The support staff are tremendous and the owner Brody Saunders himself is hands on and extremely helpful. I personally recommend any real estate agent to join IdealEstate."
IdealEstate Jack McPartlen
"I've been using IdealEstate for almost a year now and it has really helped my business and finding business partners all across the US. Their networking and ad functions have recently helped me advertise and market so much of what I'm doing. Not just real estate sales, but marketing tools I'm using and getting so much success now."
IdealEstate Cody Cox
"IdealEstate is very agent friendly and the best way to quickly connect with agents anywhere Their team is very helpful and it is definitely worth it. I have made over 100 connections with agents around the country and it has made my network huge "