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Grow Your Business Faster With a Preferred Membership
IdealEstate’s Preferred membership gives agents and over 50 other professionals who work in the real estate industry the best platform on the market to easily connect with new business opportunities everyday. We do the backend work through our nationwide network to match you with potential clients so that you can focus on what you do best: closing deals.

$359.88 / year

$39.99 / month

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Membership Benefits Include:

Automated referral partner and client matching

Automated referral network building

Automated partner and client cultivation through our proprietary email campaigns

Target multiple cities or select nationwide

Preferred identifier to help you stand out in search results

Send 20 connection requests and 40 in-app messages per day

Customizable property alerts to help you collaborate with clients who are relocating

Unlimited access to IdealEstate’s agent friendly nationwide real estate listings

Get notified when your properties are added to a property alert

Receive alerts when out of state clients are considering relocating to your area

Profile and listing view tracking to see the potential clients and referral partners who take an interest in your business

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IdealEstate’s Client and Referral Matching

Just 3 easy steps
Sign up for a Preferred Membership and then describe your ideal referral partner using our referral matching form.
Sit back and relax while IdealEstate does the backend work to identify and connect you with quality referral partners based on the specific criteria you set, including location(s).
Once connected, IdealEstate will automatically send updates about your business, including your listings to your referral partner matches across the country, to ensure you never miss an opportunity and generate more repeat business.

What to Expect

Look at what a Preferred Membership could mean for your business
  Our Preferred Membership is just a $39.99/month flat fee
  Average referral check based on national median home value: $2,500
  You keep 100% of your referral commissions
  ROI for just one successful referral per year: 400%


See what our users are saying about IdealEstate

Kam Patel

"I have been an IdealEstate member for just over a year. Within that year I have connected not with hundreds but thousands of agents across the nation. Great tool to do referrals in other states. My referral commission check’s that I personally have received, pays for annual fee and more. The support staff are tremendous and the owner Brody Saunders himself is hands on and extremely helpful. I personally recommend any real estate agent to join IdealEstate."

Jack McPartlen

eXp Realty

"I’ve been using IdealEstate for almost a year now and it has really helped my business and finding business partners all across the US. Their networking and ad functions have recently helped me advertise and market so much of what I’m doing. Not just real estate sales, but marketing tools I’m using and getting so much success now."

Cody Cox

Compass Real Estate

"IdealEstate is very agent friendly and the best way to quickly connect with agents anywhere! Their team is very helpful and it is definitely worth it. I have made over 100 connections with agents around the country and it has made my network huge!"

With Your Preferred Membership We Have You Covered

Having an affordable solution to promote your business online is more important than ever
The reason online advertisers and lead gen companies charge so much for their services is because they have to leverage other networks to drive activity. At IdealEstate, we’ve built our own nationwide real estate network that is filled all kinds of opportunities to help grow your business. That is why thousands of agents and industry service providers use IdealEstate as their chosen alternative.
The goal of online advertising and lead generation is to drive prospects to your website or business that you can hopefully convert into clients. Both of these options are incredibly expensive, difficult to manage, and often don’t produce positive results. At IdealEstate, we are able to harness the power of our nationwide network to attract new opportunities to your business every day for a fraction of the cost of other solutions.
There has never been a more important time to have an affordable solution to promote your business online. Not only will your Preferred Membership help your grow your online brand at an affordable price, but you will likely be able to replace many of the more expensive solutions that you are paying for right now.
No! IdealEstate helps over 40 different types of real estate professionals promote their services, connect with new opportunities, and generate more referrals. If you work in the real estate industry your IdealEstate Preferred Membership will help you grow your business and save you money.
Great question. Lead gen companies sell leads and are often more than willing to sell your hard-earned prospects to your competitors. At IdealEstate, we don’t sell your opportunities to anyone else. Our focus is on helping you build relationships and connect with opportunities that attract new clients, generate repeat business, and drive more referrals.
No. On other sites premier or preferred members compete with one another over prospects and zip codes. On IdealEstate, your fellow preferred members can be one of the best sources of client referrals and new business. As a Preferred Member you can expect to attract more clients and client referrals to your business.

IdealEstate Helps You Build Better Relationships Everyday

Referrals are the most valuable type of lead that you can get in the real estate business. That is because one quality referral partner or happy client can consistently provide warm introductions to many more new clients. Our goal at IdealEstate is to connect you with as many great referral partners as possible so that you capture more quality opportunities that you might otherwise have missed.

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In the real estate industry the best opportunities don't come from leads,
they come from referrals. That's why we created IdealEstate.