In the real estate industry the best opportunities don't come from leads,
they come from referrals. That's why we created IdealEstate.

Interested in attracting new clients, professional partners and referrals to your business?

IdealEstate Preferred helps 40+ different types of real estate professionals attract more opportunities to their business. Go Preferred and IdealEstate will promote your business locally or nationwide for just $39.99 a month (no contracts). You will also unlock features to help you identify and connect with new referrals.

Preferred Promotion of your Listing or Services

Unlimited Messaging

Unlimited Connection Requests

Enhanced Referral Network Search


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Increase Your Visibility

Your Preferred Identifier will ensure that you stand out in the crowd, and attract more valuable prospects to your business. IdealEstate Preferred professionals show up more often in search results for their industry and location

Get Connected

As a Preferred Professional you will be able to connect with an unlimited number of prospects. Making new connections on IdealEstate will help you grow your network and drive more referrals to your business.

Break the Ice with Unlimited Messaging

Introduce yourself to an unlimited number of new clients, referrals or professional partners by sending a personalized message. The more conversations you start the more opportunities you will create.

Get Insight into your Network

Preferred professionals have the ability to see the general dashboard information of other users. This gives Preferred professionals the ability to connect to the right partners for their business.

Why IdealEstate

We created IdealEstate to give All real estate professionals an alternative to expensive and inefficient lead generation platforms. At IdealEstate we don’t sell leads. We help you build powerful relationships that generate more referrals from your clients and professional partners. As an IdealEstate Preferred professional we will help you promote your services and connect you with the referrals you need to grow your business and build better relationships